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Organize 365® Sunday Basket® Playlist

Mar 16, 2023

When I started this podcast series looking at how I’ve used the Sunday Basket® over the years, I thought I’d be sharing with you the tactical details of how I use the Sunday Basket®. What I realized is that the Sunday Basket® is a habit. Like brushing your teeth, making the bed, getting ready in the morning. Things we didn’t do at one point and eventually they become part of your everyday life and routines. And that’s what the Sunday Basket® has become. It’s part of my everyday routine.

In this episode we are back in my present day life. My kids are now adulting. Their day to day needs are off my plate. I’ve outsourced a lot of the tasks that have to do with my home and I have a whole team at Organize 365®

Presently, my Sunday Basket® is running like a well-oiled machine. And it’s serving its purpose for Grayson, my grandson, as well. I end up with lots of toys that need batteries on Sunday. I drop those in there throughout the week and all the incoming mail. My Portable Sunday Basket® goes back and forth between my home and my office. I have a slash pocket for calls that need to be made during business hours and things that can’t be dealt with on Sundays.

What has really increased over the years, and if you listened to the previous episodes in this series, you have probably noticed the evolution of my Friday Workbox®. I have multiple Friday Workboxes® and pretty much always have. I used to have Friday Workboxes® set-up for different income streams. Now I have Friday Workboxes® for departments, teams and initiatives within Organize 365®.

But the biggest shift in my life right now is the transition I just made to becoming a student again. This was a big decision for me. And as I was trying to make the decision to take this leap, I asked myself “what if?” What if I do get my PhD? How will I feel? What if I don’t do this? And I decided, definitively, that if I didn’t say yes to this at this point in my life I would be disappointed. I would still want it four years from now. And this is the time to do it. To jump in with both feet and go for my dream of becoming a PhD.

So now I want to ask you, what if? What if you had the real Sunday Basket® with the playbook, the properly color coded slash pockets? What if you had access to the Sunday Basket® Club every Sunday as your accountability and success partner? What if you came to Planning Days with me and truly planned out your goals, assessed your routines and created a plan for your upcoming trimester? What if you took the courses inside The Productive Home Solution™ and learned to be organized while getting your entire home organized? What if everything in your home had a place and you had more time? What if you had a Friday Workbox® and Friday Workbox® Planning Day to help structure your work and deliver on your projects with ease? What if you knew what you were uniquely created to do?

Keep moving forward and keep making progress and thinking about what is possible.

I can’t wait to continue this series in five years. I’m excited about what’s to come for me and Organize 365®!


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